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Wholesome, Natural, and   Gluten Free!
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With each one of our Savory Pot Pies you get a full 28 ounces of:
...wrapped in a totally Gluten Free Crust made with: 
Gluten Free Flour - made with non-GMO rice and potatoes
All Natural Palm Shortening - non-hydrogenated and no other additives
Eggs - like they're meant to be - whole with no preservatives
...and a sprinkle of the same seasonings you have in your kitchen cupboard
...Three Servings of Garden Veggies - Real Veggies:
Carrots, Potatoes, Onions, Peas, Corn and Celery...Fresh with NO Preservatives and NO Additives.
Meat - Four Delicious Servings of Either:
All Natural Chicken Breast - No Mechanicaly Seperated Parts, No Additives, No Growth Hormones
Beef - Choice Cuts or Bust straight from Mother Nature
Roast Pork - All Meat, NO Water or other Extenders Added
Uncured Bacon - Naturally Wood Smoked with NO Nitrates Added