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Our Gluten Free Promise...
Our facility is entirely free of all gluten containing products. We are a member of the Celiac Support Association and are certified Gluten Free by this organization. We have special controls in place to make sure you are guaranteed a gluten free product and we make sure to follow all precautions to prevent your product from being contaminated by a source of gluten.
We want you to be satisfied with our product from the moment you open the package to the last bite you take. If you find our products not to meet your satisfaction we certainly want to know about it. Also, please leave us any comments you may have.
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You're the customer and that means everything to us. We're a small town company and we care about each one of you. We want you to know this by the quality products we offer you. If there's something we need to know or if there's something you'd like to know, give us a call or send us a message. We promise your call will be answered or returned by someone that's gotten his fingers in the pie a time or two.

Our Story

from the Kitchen Table

by PrairiesPride on 08/24/17

In the age of supposedly 'meatless' meat (vegetable and insect (yuck) protein) we still believe in doing things the way they were meant to be. Granted humans and technology have meddled with our food supply and there are certainly 'improvements' the human race has made to make food 'better' but the ordinary country folk beg to differ. Granted wheat is a non-GMO product but has been bred and re-bred so badly that the way it was created is not the way it is. And that is why we believe there are so many gluten intolerant people out there. Thus when we set out to sell a product we sell with a purpose. We wish to fill a need, not just fill it in word. We want gluten intolerant and otherwise people to have an alternative that's truly a replacement, or better. We want our products to have an outstanding taste along with the health benefits our customers are looking for.